The real ‘leaders’ of the world, scum (English version)

Schermkopie-2434 2017.11.10

Dutch version here.

Last week a friend showed me two YouTube documentaries. The first and the longest one confirmed a lot of what I have discovered in recent years. Things that have totaly changed my worldview. In this documentary also new issues emerged. Things I didn’t know yet, that confirm and strengthen my view on the world. People who read other pieces of me and follow me on Twitter (and for a while now also on Gab) know approximately what my view is.

The second documentary, which is a lot shorter, gave me more or less (you can never be to sure) the answer to a question that I have been asking myself for a while, where stands Donald Trump?

Some time ago I wrote a piece about Trump ‘Donald Trump, you’re full of shit‘ (Dutch version here) in which I more or less described my disappointment in The Donald. Following his promise during his inauguration, I hoped for a change of US foreign policy. Nothing is less true, so I told Trump that via Twitter (I haven’t received an answer from him yet ;-).

The US, the elite’s war machine, under Donald Trump’s ‘leadership’, just won’t stop their false flag operations (is this one the latest?), regime changes and wars. So, Donald Trump seems to obey and continues with foreign policy as we already know from Obama and before him Bush.

My question is, why does the elite, supported by the MSM they control, still want to get rid of Donald Trump? I found a possible answer in the second documentary.

Tip for people who are a little sensitive to other insights (other than their worldview), first watch (over 2 hours) this “Must see documentary”. Please do, it explains a lot.

Did you watch it? OK, just settle down and then watch that second documentary. In the beginning, it is quite fierce, in the sense of ‘what kind of …… is this?’. But stick to it (I kept watching despite the monotonous conspiracy-like tone) then you’ll see what’s the role of Donald Trump and why he doesn’t fit into the elite’s plan.

It’s weekend, so enough time to find out how the elite decides about your future. Next step, how to translate that knowledge into action to reverse the dubious plans of the elite (if you’ve seen both docu’s you understand why I call the elite scum). When I was young, foolish, thus a leftist we had TBMHGR for action like that.

Have a good weekend!



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