Russian Airbus A321 shot down? And if so who is responsible?

Schermkopie-1064 2015.11.05

The Americans again very quickly announced that research showed it can not be a terrorist attack. De Dagelijkse Standaard (Dutch) reports that in this article.

However, it is not certain that it was an attack and that ISIS committed it. But what if that really turns out to be the case? And suppose that ISIS is indeed supported by the US or worse, created by the US? And talking about the downing of airplanes, what about the MH17? Suppose there was a coup perpetrated by the US, resulting in a civil war in Ukraine?

Earlier I wrote about these subjects in my column, ‘Where would we be without The United States of America?‘. Whether it is all true? I dare not say with 100% certainty, but i’m sure that the US has a very dubious role in todays world.

And once it all turns out to be true, who is/are (partly) responsible for the downing of MH17 and the Russian Airbus A321? Well, if ……. if my aunt would have had balls she would have been my uncle (as we say in Dutch).


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