Nothing is coincidence, everything is planned and you can not change a thing about it

A year ago I sent the Dutch members of the European Parliament an e-mail with a question about the population growth in the EU. This because of an EU publication on the population which found that population growth consists mainly of immigrants.

The contents (in Dutch, translate if you like) of the e-mail can be found on my blog ‘E-mail to the Dutch MEP’s about the Islamization of Europe’. The serious answers I received on my mail (for example from Sophie in ’t Veld) do not match, I think, the reality of today. Judge for yourself (I added the responses at the end of the blog). I promised the EP members to respond to their answers. I will do that with this blog.

The misery in Ukraine and the Middle East, the uncontrolled ‘refugees’ flows that happen right now and a tweet refering to an article in which Adam Weishaupt and the New World Order (NWO) are mentioned, were the trigger for me to write this blog. NWO, maybe you will now think what I thought in the first place, a conspiracy story.

Schermkopie-905 2015.09.28

But, when I look at what is going on right now and project that on a ‘conspiracy’ theory like the NWO, I’m surely having serious doubts now. So I checked with a friend who knows more about it. I asked him who was Adam Weishaupt (take your pick), and what his view is on the NWO.

In his response, he referred to the YouTube presentations of Walter Veith, a South African who approaches world events en developments from his faith.

Schermkopie-906 2015.09.28

Faith, won’t give many of you a warm feeling because of the misery faith brought to the world and still brings, including the ‘refugees’ from Islamic countries. So I have a viewing tip to get through the tough parts of the presentations by Walter Veith and to extract the essences.

‘The ‘Elite’ at any cost they want a ‘New World Order’

But first, briefly and simply summarized in one sentence, it’s about the ‘Elite’ at any cost they want a ‘New World Order’. An ‘order’ which I think will not be good for you and me.

That New World Order will consist of one world, with one government and one religion, the one of the ‘elite’. To achieve this, the current nation-states and the religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) must disappear. Behind the scenes they are working on ‘cases’ which should ultimately lead to the New World Order. In front of the scenes these ‘cases’ are presented to the general public in a different way, e.g. by using the MSM. Current examples are Ukraine (including MH17), the Middle East and related to these cases the EU (the founding and expansionism of the EU and currently also the ‘refugees’ problem). The origin and history of the ‘Elite’, their goals and how to achieve these goals are explained by Walter Veith. He relates events from the past, of the present and in the future to his faith, while citing the Bible regularly.

‘Even though you have nothing to do with religion, you must realize that the ‘Elite’ for centuries acted from their religion and still does that today’

My view tip is, if you’re not Christian, accept the religious outlook of Walter Veith and just look at the historical facts and the, perhaps sometimes a bit speculative, theorems and conclusions. Even though you have nothing to do with religion, you must realize that the ‘Elite’ for centuries acted from their religion and still does that today. Are you a Christian then you will recognize a lot with sufficient knowledge of the Bible. And for Muslims, you can look at it from your own religion, Islam. But know that the ‘Elite’ also wants to get rid of Islam. And a warning, as a Muslim you will not like the presentation ‘The Islamic Connection’. Anyway, everyone who believes knows that in the end everything will be allright, don’t you? In any case, what surprised me was that much of what is going on now (the presentations are not recent) seem to fit well in the story of Veith.

‘The coming changes are not for the benefit of ordinary citizens like you and me’

Whether it is truth? Skeptics will say ‘no’ (conspiracy). Insiders, for example, our Dutch prime minister (who never lies) and his predecessor (watch the gift he gave the PM from 35 sec.), will surely say no (nonsense, all we want is the best for you). What do you think? If you’re not one of the above people or if you are but think ‘come let me give it a try’, you’ll know it after watching one or more episodes. I found myself for a long time at the club of skeptics but with the events of the past year, I started to doubt. And now? Never one hundred percent certainty, but at it’s best, I say ‘the coming changes are not for the benefit of ordinary citizens like you and me’.

After this paragraph the presentations (3) by Walter Veith. If you want you can watch the presentations in the given order but I found ‘Behind the Scenes’ most interesting because it tells a lot about the recent history and the present. Much of what is currently going on can be linked to the contents of this presentation.

The Secret Behind Secret Societies
This presentation is about deception, secret societies, how they control the world and who are behind these societies. The aim of the presentation is to discover how certain organizations control everything that happens around us, in the media, in the religious world, in the political world and what their agenda is.

Schermkopie-809 2015.08.31

‘The way NWO will be achieved, a clash of civilizations. A war between Christianity and Islam’

Behind the Scenes
This presentation is consistent with ‘The Secret Behind Secret Societies’. The aim of the presentation is to discover were we stand today (at the time of the presentation) and what the future will bring. After several (often repetitive) bible references Veith says that most of the wars, even now, are caused by, you do not expect it, religion. Then he goes into the (dubious) role of the Catholic Church, the relationship of the Pope to the world leaders and the separation of church and state, which according to him does not exist behind the scenes. Through a historical path including several revolutions and (planned) wars, including a predicted 3rd world war (which originates in the Middle East, between Judaism and Islam, recognizable?), he continues his presentation. After about 34 minutes he comes to ‘The New World Order (NWO), the role of the UN, the US and the EU and the way NWO will be achieved, a clash of civilizations. A war between Christianity and Islam. Anything like that going on right now? Just look, project it on what is going on now and draw your own conclusions. And again, religious or not, what’s going on, is based on religion, if we want to believe Veith, but that is not very difficult when we take a good look around us.


The Islamic Connection
In this presentation, Walter Veith explains the origins of Islam and its relationship with the Catholic Church. As I previously indicated Muslims won’t be happy with this presentation and possibly Catholics either. With a comprehensive introduction Veith works towards the theorem (from about 26 min.) that Islam is created by the Catholic Church with the aim to set Islam against Christianity and Judaism eventually resulting in the destruction of these religions (also Islam) and the establishment of their NWO religion. Does this explain a recent ruling by the Pope on Islamophobia and Islam as a peaceful religion? Does this explain the statement by the Pope about the Bible and the Koran? Does this also explain the planned ‘refugees’ flow? Veith concludes with the statement that Catholicism has dominated Islam since the beginning and that Islam is only a means to achieve the goal of the ‘Elite’, one world, with one government, one religion.

Paus groet vrijmetselaars Pope Francis

Finally, last week GeenPeil collected enough signatures for a Dutch referendum. If there is going to be a referendum, many of us will vote against the EU association treaty with Ukraine. But whatever the outcome, we are not going to win. Even if most of us vote ‘no’, the ‘Elite’ in The Hague (Dutch governement) will ignore the outcome because they have to continue with the EU and with their New World Order. Nothing is coincidence, everything is planned (including the EU) and you can not change a thing about it!

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